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Windows Defender

Security Is A Priority says Microsoft, and details its Security process

Without even taking the name of the Russian antivirus company in a blog post, Microsoft has indirectly responded to Kaspersky, detailing its security process. The company posted a defense of their Windows Defender practices which has been a cause of […]


Microsoft to end support for Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

Microsoft is moving beyond the realm of a software that they launched 7 years ago – Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). The company today announced that EMET was a path-breaking software in the early days but had been too slow […]

AdwCleaner acquired by Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes, the popular malware prevention and remediation company, today announced a complete acquisition of AdwCleaner, the free software that has been riding on its success within the last few months. AdwCleaner is one of the worlds most frequently downloaded tools for removing  Adware, […]

Classic Shell

Classic Shell is now safe to download again, after the hack

One of the main download mirrors of Classic Shell, a popular Windows freeware, was recently hacked for some 3 hours and was serving a hacked copy of the files. Classic Shell downloads on FossHub were trapped with an old-school software […]

Microsoft Secure

Microsoft Secure Blog will talk more about Microsoft Products & Security

Microsoft has always put in efforts to educate users about different products and also on the security front. Microsoft has done it through blogs and articles on various Microsoft and Windows portals. Recently, Microsoft also invests more than $1 billion […]

TeamViewer accounts getting hacked

TeamViewer enhances security; rolls out 2 new features

TeamViewer appears to be in the denial mode over the recent controversy that revealed its customers’ accounts were hacked. The service suggested that the issue was related to the recent leak of account information from MySpace and Tumblr. In an […]

MySpace and Tumblr hit by a ‘Mega breach’

Social networks MySpace and Tumblr faced a major Data Breach. BBC recently reported that a total of 65,469,298 Tumblr accounts and over 360 million MySpace account details are offered for sale online. This is the second case of data breach […]

Office 365

May Office 365 security and compliance update released

Office 365 security and compliance update for the month of May has been rolled out. While Office 365 team has already gained a worldwide accreditation for upholding the highest cloud security standards, they are still working on new security features, […]

SourceForge to stop Installer bundles after its acquisition

SourceForge Media has finally decided to end DevShare program as a “first order of business.” Slashdot and SourceForge businesses, together known as ‘Slashdot Media were sold to BIZX, LLC by DHI Group, Inc. earlier this year. The deal was completed […]

windows 10 security website

Microsoft launches new Windows 10 Security website

Microsoft recently launched new Windows 10 Security platform to combat the latest virus and malware threats. On the Windows for Business website, Microsoft mentions all aspects related to the latest Windows 10 Security platform. In order to incorporate latest security […]


SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer will now stop Drive-By-Downloads

Microsoft’s SmartScreen Filter, the system that has been offering protection to users from internet based attacks since last 8 years has now evolved into a more powerful tool with capabilities to block web-based attacks that silently abuse software vulnerabilities to […]

Windows Phone Store becomes a target for scammers

It seems that it is not just Android Play store that is plagued by fake and malicious apps. Avast has uncovered a handful of fake apps from the Windows Store and the list of application includes popular services like Facebook, Messenger, […]

Teenagers accused of launching DDoS attacks on Microsoft arrested

A group of six teenagers from around the UK were arrested and later released on bail on suspicion of launching cyber attacks against popular services like Sony Online Entertainment and others using Lizard Stresser DDoS tool. The primary targets of […]

Microsoft Security Updates available as ISO-9660 DVD5 image files

Microsoft Security Updates have been made available by Microsoft as ISO-9660 DVD5 image files. One can download over 10 years of Microsoft Security Updates in ISO-9660 DVD5 image files. These are obtained as per monthly basis, and contain security updates […]

Teen from Indiana pleads guilty in Microsoft and Valve Hacking Case

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) games and those produced by other big names such as Valve and Epic, were subject to hacking for data between 2012 and April 2014. The hacking was purportedly carried out by a teenage group and data stolen […]

Internet Explorer vulnerability gives invitation to phishing attacks

Recently, David Leo, a researcher with a security consultancy firm called Deusen, in his Full Disclosure mailing list disclosed a flaw in Internet Explorer browser, best described as universal cross-site scripting vulnerability. The Internet Explorer vulnerability allows attackers to go around […]

LastPass and Dashlane now let you change all passwords in one click

LastPass and Dashlane, two popular password managers have just introduced an interesting new feature – one that lets you change all you passwords with a click. If one of your online accounts has been hacked or if you are using […]

disable ssl 3.0

Microsoft releases Fix It to plug SSL 3.0 vulnerability in IE

Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in the SSL 3.0 protocol, referred to as the Poodle Attack, which allows hackers and attackers to inject malicious code into your computer or web hosting servers. We have already covered in that post, how you […]

Microsoft explains change to Browser modifiers and Adware

Microsoft explains detection change for Browser modifiers and Adware

Recently Microsoft released important changes to detecting browser modifiers and adware, with a view to improving Internet Explorer security and browsing experience. Microsoft has mentioned the changes to how it detects browser modifiers and adware and they are: Unacceptable behaviors […]

Security Reinforce for Windows XP

Advanced System Care Free offers Security Reinforce for Windows XP

The latest version of IObit Advanced SystemCare v7.3 is out. This version comes equipped with brand a new security feature – Security Reinforce for XP. Yes, IObit’s system optimizing software continues to extend protection to Windows’ outdated and support-lacking Windows XP. […]