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Fourth largest Cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, hacked for billions of Won

While the Cryptocurrency market is thriving, most governments across the continents have clarified that they are not responsible for its legalities. Strict warnings have been issued that if anyone indulges in trade of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, the government would […]

Xbox Controller is offering free Rubberized Grips with every Purchase


In addition to letting Xbox users personalize their Xbox Wireless Controller with different possible color combinations, Xbox Designer Lab is offering an exciting deal. The online customization program is giving away free rubberized grips to buyers purchasing any Xbox Design […]

Popular WordPress plugin WP Statistics allowed hackers to steal database & hijack sites

Imagine your site gets hacked and the hacker steals all your data despite every precaution you took. The passwords were strong, and still, they accessed your site. Well, this could be possible if the hackers found a path through a […]

Indian government wants Microsoft to sell Windows 10 at discounted prices to counter ransomware

The recent ransomware attacks have shown that India is one of the most affected countries. While most of the west upgraded to Windows 10, the Asian country with more than 50 million Windows users still lags behind. Windows 10 is […]

Windows App Studio to be replaced by Windows Template Studio

The Windows App Studio team announced that their product would be replaced by Windows Template Studio by 1st December 2017. Windows Template Studio is available as an open source product at Github as of present. The team thanked all its […]

Microsoft lists steps to Prevent and Detect Petya Ransomware through Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Petya (or NotPetya) Ransomware (Or not ransomware) – it is the second major global Ransomware attack incident in the past two months. Petya, began in Ukraine and then it quickly spread further across Europe and the rest of the world. […]

End of Life for Office 2007: Roadmap, recommendations and information

End of Life for Office 2007

With every latest update in a product or a new product, Microsoft ends the previous product. This year, it is the End of Life for Office 2007. It is nothing but Microsoft will end the support for Office 2007 on […]

Biggest Ransomware attack causes Global Turmoil


Gmail to stop reading your emails

Google for Jobs

Google For Jobs starts rolling out

Chrome browser

Chrome browser might be secretly recording you